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Show Preview – Amanda Palmer, The Warfield, May 10

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The Warfield isn’t new to talent, and come Friday, another of America’s great artists is set to join the ranks of the legends who’ve graced the stage at the Tenderloin venue, as Amanda Palmer arrives in San Francisco to celebrate the release of her newest record, There Will Be No Intermission.

Despite being only her third solo album, it comes at the culmination of a long recording career that has broken boundaries again and again. Crowdfunded through Patreon, it was released through the London-based independent record company Cooking Vinyl in December 2018, with “Drowning in the Sound” the first single from the album. “Voicemail for Jill” was dropped in February 2019, and the vinyl version of the record was released in March.

Fulfilling her reputation as an elegant and righteous musical flamethrower, Palmer used the album to touch upon #MeToo and the broader current sociopolitical climate; grist to countless musicians, but Palmer is well-practiced at proving the intersections between the personal and political, exploring them with delicacy where needed, and a punch where deserved, and There Will Be No Intermission contains plenty of both. No prisoners taken; many hearts freed.

The album’s 20 tracks run just a little short of 80 minutes. While you’ll certainly have your own favorites, there’s no denying that each number is raw, honest, and straight from the heart. It’s both personal and relevant at once, and it makes you wonder at how one set of tracks can touch upon so many issues and evoke such a storm of emotions.

Palmer’s third album comes 7 years after her second. Bearing the title Theatre is Evil – provocative, given Palmer’s background as part of the groundbreaking dark cabaret duo Dresden Dolls – the record reached number 10 on the US Billboard 200, number 3 on the Independent Albums Chart, and number 8 on the Top Rock Albums list.

Palmer has also collaborated with English singer Edward Ka-Spel on their studio album I Can Spin a Rainbow, and with Jack Palmer on their record You Got Me Singing. She also has several live albums in her discography, and a couple of remix albums to her credit. All in all, it’s an impressive career that has been consistent with the ideal and principles that the singer holds high, building community around her work wherever it’s to be found; she’s a very San Francisco artist, a creative starburst bringing people together to bask in the light of unabashed and joyous art.

Palmer is also no stranger to tours. To promote her second studio album, she toured across 33 cities in North America and Europe. And with her most recent tour, we cannot wait to see how she’s going to set the stage on fire. Palmer’s is a powerful voice, both literally and figuratively, and only a venue like The Warfield can do justice to it. It’s going to be one hell of an experience, there’s no doubt about that. Just make sure you’ve got your tickets for the show – this Friday at the Warfield. See you there!

Amanda Palmer plays the Warfield Friday, May 10 // 7:30 PM // Ticket Prices $35.00 – $60.00

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