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Bay Area Hip Hop artist and female rapper, Keldamuzik, is pushing to increase the visibility of black women in Art and as part of her work, she will be appearing in the 2021 Sundance film, First Date.

The film, which is filled with mostly Bay Area actors, is set to debut at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco on February 1 at 8 pm. We spoke to Keldamuzik ahead of the premiere about what the Bay Area means to her, how she discovered her path in music, and what lead to her part in First Date.

I see you grew up in Oakland. What does the Bay Area mean to you?
I love the bay, born and raised in San Jose actually. However, I moved to Oakland in 2005 and that’s when Keldamuzik was born, I started making music, networking with other artists, and performing at several events. My very first show was on Juneteenth in Berkeley actually. I was so nervous but I warmed up to the crowd and it all worked out. The Bay is all love, we all support each other and continue to build.

How did you get your start in music?
Well, I’ve been in the entertainment industry since I was a kid. Auditioning for commercials, modeling, acting school, etc. I started recording my first song at age 13, from there I kept working with different producers to develop my sound and what my message was about. But when I moved to Oakland I just got inspired by all the artists that I was cool with and found a good production company that was able to create this brand for me.

What inspires your style?
Honestly, just the daily things that I experience and witness in life. Like when a guy tries to talk to you and has the lamest pickup line, that’s something to write about, you know? Or when people hate on you and try to bash you online, that’s something to talk about. Like my song “I Don’t Care”, I’m directing that message to the haters out there. So yeah again it’s just life experiences that inspired my overall style.

How did you get your first start in acting?
When I was five my mom would take me to all these talent agencies here in the bay, at one point I even had an agent in Modesto and Sacramento as well as San Francisco. Reading commercials and monologues was something that I was really good at. I mean I studied with some of the top-notch coaches. From there I kept acting and working with other production companies on film projects.

What lead to you getting a role on First Date?
Well, it was a casting call that I saw online, and I contacted the director and submitted my information. The director emailed me and asked to meet with me in person, it was crazy because I had a long day that day and I was driving all around the Bay Area, and still made it to the audition. I remember we met at a park somewhere far far away and the director had me read the script a few times. From there I got an email next few days later stating that I got the role to be Donna, the boy’s mom. I’m not a mom so it was funny to actually play one and to be one of those concerned worried parents! [laughs]

What life experiences did you bring to the part?
Well the part where I told him that the condoms were upstairs in a drawer, would be something funny that I would say to my child if I had one![laughs] Basically, my role was playing a cool mom with her husband heading out to vacation and telling my son he can have a good time as long as he doesn’t mess anything up. 

Can you let us in on any future projects you’re working on?
Yes, currently I have a new song that I released called “Can’t Keep Up”, the lyric video can be seen on my youtube channel, youtube.com/KeldamuzikPresents. Also, I have a couple of podcast shows I’m hosting and I’m working on another film project with a Tribeca winning filmmaker. It will be a starring role in this one. Stay on the lookout!

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