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Renowned artist Kat Von D, celebrated for her tattoos, beauty empire, and music career, is back setting the stage on fire with an exhilarating new single “Vampire Love.” Collaborating with industry icons Shep Solomon and Fernando Garibay, her new goth-disco banger explores the eternal quest for love, brought to life in a spellbinding Halloween-themed music video by visionary director Ryan Valdez. We were lucky to snag a few minutes with Kat, where she shared the secrets behind her musical resurgence and the making of ‘Vampire Love,’ what life is like since moving out of LA, and whether or not she’s even interested in starting up a new tattoo shop at this point in her life.

How has your life changed since escaping LA and moving to a small town in Indiana?

All for the better! I mean, there are definitely pros and cons to city life and living in the middle of nowhere. I do miss seeing some of my friends on a regular basis, and I do miss the insane food options — LA has the best food on the planet, hands down.

But I love being able to get away from all the noise, the traffic, and the crime. I love that people in my little town might recognize me, but don’t really bother us at all. Like, you can just live here.

Have you thought about opening up a new tattoo shop there?

I have, but first I need to finish renovating our old Victorian home!

You have a new single out called “Vampire Love”, can you tell our readers a little about it? What was the inspiration behind it?

“Vampire Love” is the first single off of our new album My Side of the Mountain which is set for release in Spring 2024. The song is a groovy goth-disco jam, with elements of synthwave on top of a dark, dance beat.

I wanted to write a dance song that sings about our human desire to find eternal love, no matter the cost. Our hearts’ desperation is pathetic and admirable at the same time, and I think something everyone can relate to.

The multi-talented Kat Von D looking fierce

What themes are you exploring in the new video?

I am so proud of the “Vampire Love” music video! I teamed up with my dear friend Ryan Valdez, who’s famous for his work in horror films, but thankfully, was willing to be a part of bringing my story to life.

I wrote the treatment and wanted the story to revolve around a vampire boy and a vampire girl who are trying to find each other in a sad and lonely world.

All my friends, including my husband, came together to be a part of it, so it definitely has a special place in my heart out of all the videos I’ve ever shot.

Are there plans for a tour and will you be coming to San Francisco?

Most definitely! My Side of the Mountain will officially be released in Spring 2024, so we can look forward to a Summer tour shortly after! We will be releasing 3 more singles prior to the album release, too.

How is tattooing similar to or different from making music?

Both mediums require an intimate process but in different ways. Tattooing is very one-on-one, whereas with music I am able to connect with my fans in a bigger and more meaningful way.

You’ve been a successful artist in so many ways. Tattooing, music, you’ve written a children’s book, come out with a makeup and shoe line, is there anything you can’t do?

I suck at cooking.


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