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Show Preview – Talib Kweli, Yoshi’s, Jan. 18

For nearly two decades, Talib Kweli has been one of hip-hop’s great minds, combining fierce intellect and killer flow with cool-headed songwriting and production. Over the course of his career, Kweli has released solo albums and has also collaborated with other musicians frequently. Striking a fine balance between his own original work and other collaborations,… Keep Reading

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Venue Profile – The Fox Theater, Oakland

On Telegraph Avenue in Downtown Oakland stands a building whose architectural style is breathtaking, yet not quite definable. With an exotic mix of terracotta tiles, rich and vibrant colors, detailed paint work, and intricately designed golden accents on statues of deities, the style could be described as Indian, medieval European or even Babylonian. In fact,… Keep Reading

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Show Preview – John Legend, The Fox Theater, Oakland, Dec. 21

John Legend has been clearing high bars for nearly 20 years now - if you choose ‘Legend’ for a stage name, you’d better be ready to live up to it, and since before 2004’s Get Lifted, Legend has been, for want of a better phrase, crushing it. One way you can tell an artist has got used to going big, and not going home, is the release of a Christmas album. Keep Reading

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Bay Area Music Venue Profile – Yoshi’s, Oakland

Located in the Jack London Square in Oakland, California, Yoshi’s has had a past that’s as interesting as its present. The venue opened its doors in 1972, as a simple sushi bar – one of the first in Berkeley. The founder was Yoshie Akiba, who had been orphaned during World War II, and who later… Keep Reading

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Top 6 Bands to Check out at Treasure Island Music Festival 2018

The Treasure Island Music Festival is right around the corner, and tickets are already going fast. After all, this Oakland music festivals is making a return after a year hiatus that resulted from its relocation from Treasure Island to Oakland, so Bay Area locals are especially hungry for its return. There may be other San… Keep Reading

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