Dreamfest 2023: A Night of Inspiration and Rock ‘n’ Roll

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Last night, the Chase Center in San Francisco was abuzz with excitement as Dreamfest 2023 unfolded in all its glory. This annual event, known for its unique blend of music, inspiration, and philanthropy, did not disappoint.

The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the presentation of the Colin Powell Medal of Courage, and it was a moment that will be etched in the memories of all in attendance. Hollywood superstar Matthew McConaughey and NBA legend Andre Iguodala took the stage to honor an individual who displayed remarkable bravery in the face of adversity. Their heartfelt words and genuine admiration for 22-year-old UCSF patient Selah Kitchiner created a profound sense of unity in the audience, reminding us all of the power of courage and never giving up.

Matthew McConaughey presents Colin Powell Medal of Courage to UCSF patient Selah Kitchiner (Photo by Drew Altizer Photography)

As if that weren’t enough, the evening’s musical performance by the Foo Fighters was nothing short of electrifying. The legendary rock band delivered a high-energy set that had the entire arena on their feet, singing along to classics and rocking out to new hits. Dave Grohl’s unmistakable charisma and the band’s sheer musical prowess left no doubt as to why they are considered one of the greatest rock acts of our time.

The Foo Fighters playing all their hits with new drummer Josh Freese (Photo by Drew Altizer Photography)

But Dreamfest is about more than just entertainment. It’s about giving back. Throughout the event, the spirit of philanthropy was palpable, with attendees and sponsors alike contributing to various charitable causes. It’s a testament to the event’s commitment to making the world a better place.

Dreamfest 2023 was a night to remember. It combined star power, heartwarming moments, and electrifying music to create an unforgettable experience. It left us inspired, united and reminded of the importance of bravery, resilience, and giving back to our communities. Here’s to another year of Dreamfest, where dreams are celebrated and turned into reality.

Photos by Drew Altizer Photography

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