Tove Lo’s Broken Foot Can’t Break her Spirit in San Francisco

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A broken foot couldn’t stop Tove Lo from giving her all last night at the Masonic in San Francisco. In the words of the sultry Swedish pop sensation, “this broken foot isn’t going to break my spirit, San Francisco!” The thunderous applause that followed immediately afterward from her sea of adoring fans was just one of many as she performed hit after hit from her ever-growing discography.

The Scandinavian sensation kicked the night off in high fashion with “Glad He’s Gone,” a cut from her latest album. Dressed like a roller-disco-fantasy queen complete with neon pink short-shorts and a badge-adorned jean jacket, the singer known for her scandalous theatrics was in fine form. Her voice is unique, her songs contagious, on stage she comes across as the anti-pop star, popstar. To put it another way, Tove Lo is unique and stands apart from the rest of the bubble-gum pop squad.

Megahits like “Cool Girl,” “Influence” and “Talking Bodies” had everyone in a trance, lost in space and time, slave to the rhythmic elements of her sounds. The introduction of newer songs like “Jacque” and “Mateo” kept the setlist fresh and unpredictable.

But of course, what Tove Lo show would be complete without her flashing her boobs. It’s become the stuff of legends at this point and a staple of her live shows. On this rare warm weekday night in San Francisco, it came halfway into the set and elicited the same wild reaction it always does.

Gimmicks aside Tove Lo is still going strong. With only two albums under her belt, her future is bright and her star is quickly on the rise. We’re curious to see where her music will take her next. Because if one thing’s for certain it’s that this Swedish princess doesn’t play by the rules.

Photos by Louis Raphael

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