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SF Music Venue Showcase: Simple Pleasures Cafe

If places could have a theme song, Simple Pleasures’ would be Nirvana’s ‘Come As You Are.’ You know that outfit you wear not to impress, but the one that you feel most comfortable in? That well-worn-out t-shirt so thin you barely realize it’s there. And those jeans that hold your body’s mold after you take them… Keep Reading

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Venue Profile – Love + Propaganda

San Francisco is teeming with nightclubs and live music venues. And yet, only some of them will leave a lasting impression on you the way Love + Propaganda does. It’s located in SF’s Union Square district, and it’s certainly unlike any other nightclub you’ve ever been to. That’s the first rule of Love + Propaganda;… Keep Reading

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Venue Profile – Brick & Mortar Music Hall

Unless you’ve walked every part of San Francisco’s Mission District, you may not have heard of an absolute gem of a music venue that’s tucked away on Mission Street. Known simply as Brick & Mortar Music Hall, it’s not going too far to describe this space as a hole in the wall – and while… Keep Reading

August Hall
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San Francisco Music Venue Spotlight: August Hall

The new August Hall has officially opened and the word is spreading about this hip new venue for live music located right here in the heart of downtown San Francisco. Opened by Scott Murphy, Chad Donnelly, Nate Valentine, and Justin Roja, this new event venue is set to be the highlight of modernist style right… Keep Reading

Juliette Lewis - The Independent - San Francisco
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San Francisco Music Venue Profile: The Independent

Nobody in San Francisco has anything bad to say about The Independent, and when a venue is in everybody’s good books, you know it must be doing something right. And for a venue as young as this one (having only just hit its 10th birthday), The Independent has produced over 2500 shows spanning across a… Keep Reading

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San Francisco Music Venue Profile: Bimbo’s 365

San Francisco isn’t lacking in great venues, and the great history of the city is very well-represented, with some truly breathtaking architecture on display at The Great American Music Hall in Tenderloin, and the great dual space of the Swedish American Hall and Café du Nord in Upper Market; but there’s a difference between décor… Keep Reading

Post Malone - The Regency Ballroom - Photo courtesy of Louis Raphael
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San Francisco Music Venue Profile: The Regency Ballroom

The Regency Ballroom is one of San Francisco’s oldest, finest, and most sought-after venues for watching live music in s San Francisco, has a rich history going back more than a century, to 1909, since its original foundation as a Masonic lodge in the Scottish Rite. Over those years, as the city has grown wider… Keep Reading

Biscuits and Blues - Photo by Bobby Hindcliffe - Music in SF
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SF Venue Highlight: Biscuits and Blues

Tucked away cozily in the heart of San Francisco’s theater district is Biscuits and Blues, a club that’s fittingly named after two of mankind’s greatest loves. From the outside, it looks like any old joint; on the inside, however, it’s a whole other story. On any given day, whimsical and warm neon lights cloak the… Keep Reading

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List of Top San Francisco Music Venues

Looking for the hottest San Francisco music venues? Discover the vibrant music scene in San Francisco with our comprehensive guide. From intimate clubs to iconic concert halls, we’ve curated a list of top-notch San Francisco music venues where you can catch live performances across all genres. Get ready to immerse yourself in the pulsating rhythm… Keep Reading

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