Scorpions played the Oracle Arena in Oakland

Scorpions and Megadeth Bring Classic Metal Back to Oakland

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What seemed at first like an awkward pairing of 80s/90s metal bands turned out to be a fantastic evening in Oakland last night, when Scorpion and Megadeth took the stage at the Oracle Arena. I use the word awkward because it’s always been my opinion that Megadeth had a heavier sound than Scorpions and back in the day seemed to attract a very different crowd. Last night proved me wrong as the house was full and of all types and ages.

The party started early in the back lot of Oracle Arena as concertgoers were drinking beer out of the flatbeds of their pickup trucks while blasting a variety of Metal songs. Once in the arena, Megadeth took to the stage with the same anger and frustration that they’ve always had. The setlist contained most of their classics like “Hangar 18,” “Symphony of Destruction,” “Peace Sells” as well as newer tracks like “Dystopia” for which they recently won a Grammy. About the win, Mustaine was quit to point out that it’d be a long time coming and who could argue with that?

A touching moment came halfway into the show when the band took a second of silence to honor the victims of the Las Vegas massacre, one that was honored by most of the audience, except for a couple that yelled out “Don’t Forget Tom Petty!” All in all, the band was incredibly tight, the show visually exciting and hearing those classic Metal songs in a live setting really leaves an impact.

The Scorps were up next. Klaus and the gang took to the stage with so much energy that it was quick to forget their age. Can you believe this band’s been around since the 60s? Guitarist Rudolf Schenker proved to have best stood the test of time as he ran back and forth across the stage the entire night. His ripped physique must have aided in the endeavor, while raw talent kept him playing beautifully the entire set.

I think what stands the test of time with these guys is the moving songwriting. They can bust out the power chords of “Like a Hurricane” and “Noone Like you” one minute then bring out softer compositions like “Winds of Change” all without missing a beat. Last night they played songs from all of their releases and what a catalog they have to choose from. 18 releases total. It’s unbelievable to me that this band has stuck around for this long and during last night’s show at the Oracle Arena most if not all the seats were full and nobody left disappointed.

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