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Tell us a little about your new video for “Spoiled.”
The “Spoiled” video is a self-directed, filmed, and edited sort of experiment I made during the first months of the pandemic – quarantine style. The video is for track nine off of my album Feel Better featuring Rozee. Since we were locked down, I wanted to see what I could do on my own. I shot the video in my bedroom. Soon after, Rozee came down to stay and shoot her scenes as well as write some other songs. The song is about feeling good in your skin, feeling sexy in your comfort zone with the person that makes you feel good. A kind of video message to the person you wish you were with. Something to show them you think they’re sweet like honey and that you find comfort in the thought of them.

How did your collab with Rozee come about?
We have known and worked with each other for a number of years now.
I asked her to write on the album, we always have a great time writing together. There is trust, ease, and reliability working with her. She both inspires ideas in me and adds lyrics and melodies that tie the songs together. We wrote “Spoiled” and recorded it on the spot. We also wrote “Easy Living” together, track one from my album. Each song took about an hour to write. I was very excited about how we sounded on “Spoiled” together and wanted to keep her on as a feature.

How would you describe your sound?
Pop music heavily influenced by R&B/Hip Hop, Soul, & Alternative.

What inspires you to write music?
I am inspired by many different things. Experiences I am going through or have been through in the past that I feel are important to work through in songs. Writing stories around emotions I feel. Sometimes I am inspired by other people’s stories, movies, or shows. Sometimes I am inspired by photographs I see.

What are some of your main influences?
I am influenced by other music and art. I am influenced by the ups and downs I go through in my own head and my life. I am often inspired to write about the things that I can’t seem to get off my mind. There is a lengthy list of artists, songwriters, and creatives that influence me but I would say the big ones for me are Kehlani, Rihanna, Tinashe & Lolo Zouai.

Being that you’re from the Bay Area, what are some of your favorite hangouts?
Where I’m from, the best places to hangout are the view spots. There’s a spot we call “Sunset” where we always hang out. It has breathtaking 360 views of the mountains, forest, and beaches. Every time I’m home I love to go to the
Mission in SF. When I was a kid I would hang out at Haight or Golden Gate Park. There are some killer local food spots too, Taco Joes and Sol Food are some of my favorites but the list is endless.

What do you love most about the Bay Area?
My favorite things are the nature and culture of the Bay. I feel like it can often be a very creative and accepting place. People love music and art and creativity. We are laid back and don’t take things too seriously. I love the pride too, even though each city in the Bay has its own unique personality, people are proud to be from the Bay, there’s a unity in it that I love. There’s also beautiful nature everywhere. So much of my life was spent growing up and hanging out in beautiful places and for that, I am forever grateful.


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