Phoebe Bridgers Serenades the Greek Theater in Berkeley

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The name Phoebe Bridgers is one I seem to come across a lot these days. So when I was invited to cover the show last night at the Greek Theater I thought “hey, why not.” When an artist is mentioned so much across media outlets you almost have to do see what all the fuss is about.

When I arrived at the venue, I was immediately shocked by the line that had made its way up to multiple blocks from the entrance. I knew the show was sold out but the size of this crowd was impressive. Concert goers from all types, many wearing Phoebe’s now trademark skeleton jumpsuit could be seen eagerly anticipating an entrance to the event.

Once inside and propped comfortably in my seat, we were pleasantly welcomed by a surprise opening act. A friend of the headliner, Julien Rose Baker, greeted the crowd with a short 45 minute set of emotive folk songs. The highlight being a duet with Phoebe who once onstage greeted her friend with a casual “Hey dude.”

After the lights dimmed and the stage prepped for the main event, the platinum blonde starlet made her way out. From the moment she kicked things off with “Motion Sickness” I understood the appeal of this artist. From the raw and sincere emotions of her voice to the natural charisma she exudes, Phoebe has star power oozing out of her pores.

The songs are mostly downtempo dream-pop but when she got to “Kyoto” the hypnotized mostly calm crowd erupted in cheer and were quick to jump to their feet. Fans began to dance to the emphatic beat of a very catchy song that earned the singer two Grammy nominations.

The evening continued with a series of hits like “Punisher” from her latest album and the seasonally fitting “Halloween,” as well as many others. In between tunes, the singer took the opportunity to throw out a few politically charged comments, which are in line with her pursuit of social justice. They were welcomed by her adoring fans who all seemed to be in agreement. All in all, it was an excellent show and one that I would highly recommend.

I walked in not knowing who Phoebe Bridgers was, but I left a fan.

Photos by Louis Raphael

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