Phil Rudd Lashes out at Cameraman

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A cameraman with New Zealand’s TV3 was berated by Phil Rudd when he asked the drummer about his most recent run in with the law.

The incident, which was captured on video, happened outside of Rudd’s beachfront home in Tauranga as he returned from court for a probation violation. It’s been confirmed that Rudd has been charged with violating the conditions of his home detention by possessing and consuming alcohol.

In the video, he is seen getting ready to swing a small bag at the cameraman and said, “get out of my **** way. Get out of my **** way, you *****.” Rudd then turns to what appears to be a bodyguard and says, “Get him off my property. Remove him from my property.” Before the other individual can step in, Rudd begins to threaten the cameraman again.

As the incident continues, Rudd only becomes more enraged when he can’t get his front gate open, ultimately kicking it. He turns once again to confront the cameraman, only to be held back by his companion. At that point, Rudd begins yelling prophanities at his friend, telling him to “just **** off.” Once back in his car, Rudd addresses the cameraman again and said, “follow me. I **** dare you, pal.” Then he is seen speeding away.

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