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Check out some of the best music from the San Francisco and greater Bay Area music scene right here. The local band spotlight features the brightest that the San Francisco music scene has to offer from acts that are both at the garage band level all the way to those breaking into the national music scene. Come back often as Music in SF® scouts the Bay Area to find you the most promising local acts out there.

SF Local Bands

Bay Area Local Artist Spotlight: Japanese-Hawaiian Rapper Chiemi

Local Japanese/Hawaiian rapper Chiemi is releasing a new music video today, a love song, and just in time for Valentine’s Day. Unlike her other releases, usually filled with assertive messages of female empowerment over 90s style boom bap productions (i.e. “Wrek Ya Style” and “Chiemi Intro”), “Choosin” provides a more candid story of love and… Keep Reading

SF Local Bands

Bay Area Local Band Spotlight: Thriving Ivory

If the name Thriving Ivory sounds familiar, it’s because this local San Francisco band was #1 on Billboard’s “Heatseeker” charts with their certified gold single “Angels on The Moon” back in 2009. After a little bit of a hiatus, the band has just released two new singles that debuted on SiriusXM and will be performing… Keep Reading

Ella Harp Music in SF
SF Local Bands

Bay Area Local Musician Spotlight: EllaHarp

Half Moon Bay harpist and songwriter EllaHarp is set to release her debut album Who Asked You Back, an album that she describes as a fresh take on the harp with a compilation of bluesy, riff-based kickers and a hint of creepy, stolen baby mythology. She’ll be hosting a couple of record release parties in… Keep Reading

Devin Santi Music in SF
SF Local Bands

Bay Area Local Musician Spotlight: Devin Santi

Here at Music in SF™, we’re always looking to promote local bands and musicians that are doing great things in the Bay Area music scene. Devin Santi is one of those people and he’ll be releasing an EP entitled Temporary Solutions to Permanent Problems on Feb. 13 of this year, so be sure to grab a copy… Keep Reading

Blonde Toledo Music in SF
SF Local Bands

SF Local Band Spotlight: Blonde Toledo

Blonde Toledo is a local San Francisco band that has a unique element of horns performed by Connie Walkershaw that somehow manages to play two saxophones at the same time. They’ll be releasing a new LP at the end of the month and to go along with it a record-release party Jan. 27 at the… Keep Reading

Kentucky Street Pioneers
SF Local Bands

SF Local Band Spotlight: Kentucky Street Pioneers

For local Bay Area band Kentucky Street Pioneers, it all started one fateful day when a pajama-clad songwriter (Antony Benedetti) waltzed into an open mic at Jamison’s Roaring Donkey on Kentucky Street in Petaluma, CA. He stumbled, quite literally into songwriter Jared Spires. However, it wasn’t until months later, that they said to each other,… Keep Reading

Lili Holbrook
SF Local Bands

SF Local Band Spotlight: Lily Holbrook

I was first introduced to folk rock singer Lily Holbrook almost 10 years ago by accident on Youtube. What intrigued me the most about her was that here was this young lady that looked like a pop starlet with her perfect cheekbones and big beautiful doe eyes, singing these heavy and melancholic songs with deep poignant… Keep Reading

Cathedrals | Music in SF | Live Music San Francisco
SF Local Bands

SF Local Band Spotlight: Cathedrals

At Music in SF, we’re always looking for new up-and-coming local talent that’s making a buzz in the San Francisco live music scene. Cathedrals, an electronic dance duo formed by producer Johnny Hwin and vocalist Brodie Jenkins, is one of those bands and after selling out a string clubs here in the Bay Area as… Keep Reading

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