Flo Milli to Unleash her Might at the Regency Ballroom

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Alabama-born rapper Flo Milli shot to stardom with her 2018 SoundCloud release, “Beef FloMix,” rapidly going viral on TikTok by 2019. Known for her dynamic style and potent lyrics, she continued to dominate in 2019 with hits like “In The Party,” amassing nearly 200 million streams and views globally. Next week she’ll be headlining the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco for an evening you won’t want to miss.

In July 2020, Flo Milli made a resounding impact with her debut mixtape, “Ho, why is you here?” This project not only showcased her unapologetic confidence but also served as a platform for empowering women through her music. Her candid storytelling resonated deeply, establishing her as a relatable icon for the youth. Critical acclaim poured in from various quarters, with many heralding her as the next breakthrough female rapper and “Ho, why is you here?” earning the distinction of being one of the best projects of 2019, solidifying Flo Milli’s position as a powerhouse in the rap scene.

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