Depeche Mode played the SAP Center in San Jose

Depeche Mode Isn’t Going Out Like That at the SAP Center in San Jose

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Depeche Mode is going to play their new stuff and you’re gonna like it. Or so it seemed last night in San Jose when the band hit the stage at the SAP Center. They kicked off the set with a song off their new album Spirit entitled “Going Backwards” and followed it up with a string of songs that seemed to defy the typical formula of nostalgia bands, which consists of simply regurgitating old hits.

And honestly, can you blame them? They must’ve have played those songs over and over a thousand times before in their impressive careers that span over three decades, so why not change it up a bit and instead of relying on the old trusted material to flesh out a set, give the audience something new.

Well, because that’s what people seemed to be there for. And although the enthusiasm was strong when the band first got on stage and bellowed out one of the strongest offerings from their new album Spirit entitled “Going Backwards,” there was a lull in the energy level until they kicked into “World in My Eyes,” which made people go crazy. In fact, most of the hits were found at the end of the performance during the encore when they played “Walking in My Shoes,” “I Feel You” and “Personal Jesus.” Yet no sign of “Master and Servant” and “Just Can’t Get Enough” throughout the whole night.

As a critic but also a fan of Depeche Mode I have to admit I was a bit disappointed that the band did not offer us the usual plate of tasty hits this time around, but I think most in the audience would agree, that when it comes to fans of this band anything that Dave and boys are willing to put in our dish we’ll devour gratefully. I just hope, though, that the next time around, they’ll think about the fans first, and personal artistic satisfaction second.

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