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Here is a list of Def Jam’s best albums of 2020.

Jhené Aiko
“R&B’s resident spiritual guide…warm, practiced effortlessness permeates each track with a nourishing mystique..
downright entrancing.” – Billboard

Justin Bieber
“He’s never sounded better than he does on “Changes,” his fifth studio album. This is not just a formidable soul man’s coming of age…it’s also the emergence of a brand-new Bieber.” – Variety
Big Sean
Detroit 2
“In the world of Detroit 2, there’s always an answer. It’s a place where every pain can be fixed, any heart can be mended, and all obstacles are surmountable. – Rolling Stone
070 Shake
Modus Vivendi
“A vital new singer makes her debut…an emo-rap Dark Side Of The Moon …Modus Vivendi suggests Enya and Pink Floyd as much as Frank Ocean…the sound of a realist and fantasist sparring, it reflects an artist still coming into focus on her own thrilling terms.” – Rolling Stone 
Teyana Taylor
The Album
“Teyana Taylor regains control of her art…this is the project she has always intended to make…R&B at its best… masterful.”  – Pitchfork
Kaash Paige 
Teenage Fever
“listening to [Kaash Paige]… is like eavesdropping on a passionate phone conversation through the wall. The Dallas singer communicates her feelings with a charming directness… Through begging, reminiscing, and confessing, she guides us through a tumultuous relationship in three minutes.” – Pitchfork


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