Bobby Renz Releases ‘Eat a Rainbow’

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Bobby Renz originally hails from Northern California but is now enjoying the sunny beaches of Long Beach. Throughout the years he’s collaborated with many artists (Fat Tony, Ricky Lake, Same Girls, Ronnie K, Felicia Douglass, SISTERS, Studio_Dad, Apprentice Destroyer, DonCat, Evan Myall, Ski Team, Richie Cunning, Tia Nomore, GrandBankss, Horsepowar) in roles of producer, mix engineer, tracking engineer, or songwriter.

Bobby has recently released an album of his own music entitled Eat a Rainbow. The entire record was made during his summer isolation in his apartment in San Francisco and finished in Long Beach in the Fall. According to his bio, the music is, “Modern yet retro, dance-y but melancholy, Eat a Rainbow deals with the reluctant acceptance of one’s self and finding comfort and peace in the ideals of love in the brutal but brutal landscape of life and death.”

Photo courtesy of Text Me Records

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