Unity Audio Heads to NAMM 2017 with Line of Monitors Trusted by the World’s Most Progressive Audio Engineers and Artists

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Unity Audio Heads to NAMM 2017 with Line of Monitors Trusted by the World’s Most Progressive Audio Engineers and Artists

Visit booth 7613 and learn why award-winning engineers such as Liam Nolan (Adele) and Rik Simpson, Dan Green and Phil Tan (Coldplay) rely on Unity Audio for their critical tracking, mixing and mastering environments

London, United Kingdom – January 10, 2017 Unity Audio, a forward-thinking engineering company on the leading edge of studio monitor design, will be exhibiting its flagship active studio monitors at the 2017 NAMM exhibition, held in Anaheim, CA from January 19-22 on booth 7613. Used by the world’s most progressive audio engineers, producers and Grammy Award-winning artists, Unity Audio’s purpose-built monitoring solutions are engineered for superior performance.

“Unity Audio monitoring solutions are designed by the world’s leading authority on audio,” comments Kevin Walker, founder, Unity Audio. “Each Unity monitoring product delivers a pure sound experience that gives engineers like Liam Nolan (Adele, ’25’) and Rik Simpson, Dan Green and Phil Tan (Coldplay, ‘A Head Full of Dreams’) the sonically true reference they want and need for their projects, every time. It’s the ultimate working experience, revealing and honest with absolutely no compromise in accuracy.”

Exceptional Design Means Outstanding Results Every Time
Unity Audio’s sealed cabinet design provides super accurate bass reproduction and a tight bottom-end response that is one-hundred percent consistent at all listening levels. The system’s Corian front panels provide a rigid, uniform speaker baffle, ensuring all acoustic energy moves forward for a flawless and true sound. AMT Ribbon Tweeters deliver exceptional response and definition, improving imaging and minimizing distortion.

Kevin Walker elaborates on Unity Audio’s emphasis on quality, “Our remit is accuracy and neutrality. Our custom, sealed enclosure design provides great tonal accuracy and balance with low coloration. Unity’s unique ribbon drivers have an unusually even HF characteristic that is smooth and clean, which in turn provides much greater accuracy and incredibly detailed imaging. To that end, Unity provides a monitoring environment that translates exceptionally well to the real world.” He further states, “A separate cabinet approach to low frequency extension allows for flexibility in system design while remaining a cohesive multiway system. Sound quality and linearity is significantly improved when low end energy and vibrations are decoupled from the higher frequency drivers, resulting in more accurate low mid-range and overall much better definition.”

What to See and Hear at the Unity Audio NAMM 2017 Booth
This year’s presence at NAMM 2017 includes:

  • The Rock Mk II: The new “Reference Monitor” for music studios, post studios and mastering. The Rock Mk II is a stunningly accurate two-way nearfield active monitor featuring a seven-inch woofer and 50kHz HF ribbon tweeter for incredible image detail. The advanced LF unit delivers an outstanding amount of bass for its size, and with power amps designed by amp guru Tim De Paravicini (EAR), the Rock Mk II offers microscopic detail and comfortable listening all day long.
  • The Boulder Mk II: The world-class studio monitoring system for larger studio environments. The Boulder Mk II is a critically acclaimed three-way mid-field / main active monitor that features dual eight-inch woofers and a unique dual concentric coaxial five-inch mid-range and 50kHz folded ribbon tweeter that is phase coherent over seven octaves. The Boulder is powered by four custom designed discrete class A/B amplifiers.
  • The Super Rock: When a bit more volume counts, engineers and artists turn to the Super Rock. Delivering the same technical prowess as the Rock Mk II and the Boulder Mk II, the Super Rock is a two-way monitor with an eight-inch LF driver designed for mid-field studio use when more SPL is required. When tracking and mixing, the Super Rock delivers a precise forward image, allowing engineers and artists to hear detail they might not have heard before.
  • The B.A.B.E. (Boulder Active Bass Extender): This Boulder bass extension cabinet allows the Boulder Mk II to be used as a large mid-field or main system, providing exceptional extended bass and greater SPL. The combination creates a four-way system, shifting the LF load to a separate cabinet and amplifiers. This allows the Boulder Mk II monitor to be driven harder, providing a full range system that is louder and has extended bass performance.
  • The Avalanche: The Unity active sub-woofer for the point 1 in 2.1 and 5.1 surround and immersive systems. A 12-inch LF driver dials low frequency performance down to 22Hz and provides sub frequencies for the Rock Mk II and Boulder stereo systems.

Success with Grammy Award-Winning Engineers and Chart-Topping Artists
Audio engineers such as Liam Nolan (Adele), Rik Simpson, Dan Green and Phil Tan (Coldplay) have relied on Unity Audio’s professional monitoring solutions to produce chart-topping albums “25” and “A Head Full of Dreams,” respectively. With dead-on accuracy and crystal clear detail that simplifies balancing, Unity Audio monitors fit the bill for any studio scenario.

Up Studio owner Ugo Poddighe comments, “I have been searching for the perfect mastering grade, revealing, full range, musical and non-fatiguing set of speakers for my studio for the last couple of years. Unity Audio came to my studio with the new Boulder Mk II and the B.A.B.E. system. What’s remarkable about the speakers is their transparency. Despite being a four-way system, you are completely unaware of crossover points, and phase issues are non-existent thanks to the mid-range, HF dual concentric driver. Transient response is the fastest I’ve heard, which makes compressing and balancing percussion instruments a child’s game. After three days with the speakers in the studio, I remixed a song for a client from scratch (which I had previously mixed on my old speakers), and the client chose the new mix. This meant awesome translation! I no longer need to get into my car or grab some headphones and check the mixes I make to be sure they sound as I hear them in the studio.”

Schedule a Private Press Briefing with Unity Audio Executives at NAMM 2017
Members of the press interested in booking a private press briefing should contact Alex Molina at alex@zazilmediagroup.com.

Request a Product Review Kit
Members of the press interested in reviewing one of Unity Audio’s professional monitoring solutions should inquire about available review kits with Alex Molina at alex@zazilmediagroup.com.

About Unity Audio
Unity audio designs and manufactures a range of professional audio monitors for Music Recording, Mastering, Broadcast and Post Production applications. Founded in 2009 by Kevin Walker, the company is based in the United Kingdom. For more information, please go to www.unityaudioproducts.co.uk. Unity Audio products are distributed in the USA by STC. To contact STC, please go to www.stcgear.com.

About STC, US Distribution for Unity Audio
STC are specialists in Sound Technology with working knowledge of how all the pieces fit together in audio recording and broadcast studios. Distribution and sales services in the USA to international audio and video-related manufacturers. Also system integration, planning and support services to a wide customer base of US Pro Audio and Broadcast clients. http://www.stcgear.com/

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