concert ticket options in san francisco

Finding concert tickets in San Francisco is one of the trickiest things; but the biggest issue is finding a ticket of your choice and at your desired price. Over the years, what we’ve noticed is that there is no perfect ticketing option, and therefore, you have to keep the horizon of your options quite broad. Here is a list of the top six websites that haven’t disappointed us so far; and as aforementioned, you never know where you would get the best deal, so it all gets down to how good you can research and find a deal yourself.

The VividSeats team gets their hands onto literally every concert that you would come across in San Francisco. They have a very minimalist design to find a San Francisco concert ticket. First, you have to your location where you want to find the concerts, and then enter the dates for the concerts you are looking for. You can also add a custom date range to get better results. VividSeats have some amazing partnerships and there is a very big possibility for you to get great prices for your next ticket here.

TicketMaster doesn’t offer an online interface as slick and minimalist as VividSeats, but due to their years of experience in the business, they have always been able to pull some great deals. TicketMaster San Francisco offers more filters so you can search for Artists, Team or venue, and also dates. With their extensive ticketing options, you will need to download their app that’s available for Android, iOS and Amazon Kindle devices.

When you buy concert tickets in San Francisco, LiveNation isn’t a bad choice either. On this website, you can search for music in sf by artist, venue, event or city. LiveNation has been able to get some some good deals, but only rarely. And because they don’t have a mobile app, LiveNation isn’t my first choice.

SongKick doesn’t only have an app available for Android and iOS, but their website also looks slick and fully optimized for fast browsing it. SongKick really has made buying concert tickets for the music scene in San Francisco quite convenient, and ordering a ticket is also very easy. Their prices are moderate, but you hardly get some exceptional deal.

StubHub is a great option for buying those hard-to-get tickets since most of what you see on the website is from existing ticket-holders. They look like they have strong market coverage in san Francisco and occasionally pull some great deals at certain venues. Be sure to subscribe to their newsletter to stay aware of all their deals!

We love this website as it has the best filtering options available. To get a San Francisco Bay Music Area ticket, all you need is to select “Country” as U.S., language, and then currency. You can then search for an event, venue or city for more refined search. Another great feature on is that it gives you option to sell your tickets too. So if you are good at buying, you can make some good money out of it.