Instrument Rentals in San Francisco - Concerts in San Francisco - Music in SF
Instrument Rentals in San Francisco – Concerts in San Francisco – Music in SF

Do you feel like there is a Billy Joel or Joshua Bell inside you? Do you live in San Francisco? Then you can channel the vibe of the infamous rock concerts in San Francisco. Perfect your talent or practice your passion by playing the musical instruments of your choice. Music instrument rentals in San Francisco are the easiest way to polish up your skills. They are also a more advisable option to begin practicing work on your scales. They allow you to check out how well you do with an instrument without making a huge investment.

From harps to drums, here is a list of the best San Francisco music instrument rentals you can check out:

  1. Exploring Music
    Exploring music doesn’t just offer every instrument imaginable. It is open six days a week until 8 p.m. and on Sundays until 7 p.m. Besides this, professionals on Chinese and Western instruments offer classes for both groups and individuals.
  2. Music Exchange
    This family-owned piano franchise has been a Bay Area feature since 1969. They’ve received numerous top national awards from brands like Yamaha, Wm. Knabe and Bosendorfer. They also offer monthly rentals which can be later turned into purchases after six months of rental usage. Pianos are their forte.
  3. Union Music Company
    Union music has been a top San Francisco music instrument rental company since 1922. Besides sales, their repairs, lessons, and services are a class apart.  Beginners can find both used and new models for a minimum of three months.
  4. Clarion Music Center
    Clarion Music is the ultimate destination for drum players and those who play in a band. They specialize in unusual musical instruments. Here you can find African, Arabian, Tibetan, Japanese and European instruments.
  5. Sunset Music Company
    The piano studio turned music rental company has now expanded and provides services for guitar, violin, cello or ukulele, flutes, clarinets, violins, alto and tenor saxophones, steel and nylon guitars. Instruments are available for both rentals and purchase.
  6. Haight Ashbury Music Center
    The only surviving music store in Haight has been around for 50 years.  You can get your instruments re-strung or buy amps and other musical appliances here. The staff is super friendly and are always willing to lend a hand.
  7. Lennon Rehearsal & Music Services
    If you’re looking for a great drum kit, then look no further. High-quality drum sets and the studio itself are available for recording sessions and band rehearsals.
  8. Russo Music
    You can rent instruments from this place but what it really has to offer are some of the most capable teachers if you’re looking to learn anything. Your skills and love for the instrument blossoms under their guidance in no time.
  9. Roland Feller
    Roland Feller is a king of the business because of their true love for music. They give you a number of choices based on your price range. Mr. Fellar along with his staff are extremely patient and offer exceptional knowledge.
  10. Community Music Center
    You won’t find many places like the community music center which allow you to simply walk in, rent a decent piano with a room and play to your heart’s content for just $5. Need we say more?

Check out these San Francisco music instrument rentals. Who knows you might be playing in the next series of concerts in San Francisco.