If you’re in San Francisco and looking for a concert or music show there’s good news! You’ll find that the city has evolved into one of the most exciting music hubs in the country. Here are the top 10 bands you definitely should check out according to the Reverb Nation charts for San Francisco!


  1. Petty Theft
    This is one of the most interesting new acts to enter the San Francisco music scene. They are a Tom Petty cover band that captures the true nature of the original and then some. Plus, they are fun!


  1. Brenda Lê Jones
    She’s been called the “Voice of the future,” by Tre Magazine in 2005. Make sure check her out in concert the next time she plays the San Francisco local music scene.


  1. Skonnie Music Official
    Skonnie is made up of guitarist/composer Sal Moretta, and vocals/spoken vocals/flutist Connie (Coco) Yerbic. According to their website, this Metal band’s  goal  is to create and perform amazing, original music, and to use music to entertain and positively impact others.


  1. The Tone Stonies
    The Tone Stonies are a local San Francisco rock n’ roll band. Their new album, slated for release this month, is called “Needle in the Tone Arm”. Check them out the next time they play a music concert in San Francisco for some kick-ass rock and roll.


  1. Zāna
    This up-and-coming pop starlet has performed with the award-winning SHS jazz band, as well as local musicians in concerts around San Francisco. She is currently a senior at Berklee College of Music in Boston. Zāna’s unique style fuses Arabic and Latin influences to create what she calls  ‘gypsy-pop’ that she accompanies with hip-shaking belly dancing moves.


  1. Amy Obenski
    Amy’s unique voice has been said to “ hook even the most hardened cynic,” according to Performing Songwriter Magazine. A California native, Amy was raised in San Diego and now is based in San Francisco. According to her website she claims that you can hear the sound of the wind and ocean in her music.


  1. Matt Jaffe & The Distractions
    Matt Jaffe & The Distractions is a rock ‘n’ roll band based out of the Bay Area, CA. Matt’s claim to fame came acter Jerry Harrison, keyboardist/guitarist of Talking Heads fame, discovered now-21-year-old Jaffe performing solo at a local open mic. The two worked together to produce his first set of studio recordings and the rest is history.


  1. Sabrina Signs
    Sabrina Signs is a multi-talented musician hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area. She is a producer, DJ, but also a singer with background includes R&B, Hip-Hop, Rock, and Dance. Be sure to check her out the next time she plays a concert in San Francisco.


  1. Seven Days Straight
    Seven Days Straight is a metal band Hailing from San Rafael, Ca. They’re been around for 12 years now playing music concerts up and down the San Francisco coast. The original lineup founded by frontman Josh Crimson Gibson opened For metal greats Prong at the Phoenix theater in Petaluma, Ca and Viscous Rumors at the last day saloon in Santa Rosa, Ca.


  1. Rosendale
    Rosendale is also known as “RosendaleSings” on YouTube and is a rising Asian American singer and songwriter from the San Francisco Bay Area. His channel features self-produced covers and original songs in genres ranging from a cappella to alternative acoustic. His videos have garnered over 28,000 subscribers and 3 million views combined. Be sure to check him out the next time he plays a music show in San Francisco.


You’ll have an awesome time kicking back with any one of these favorites so check them out on your next free Friday or Saturday night! Or anytime during the week for that matter, that they play a music show or concert in San Francisco!

Check out the Local Bands section of the website for more up and coming bands from the Bay Area and San Francisco.