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SF Concert Reviews

A Softer Side of Metallica Emerges at the Masonic

Early on into Metallica’s fundraiser show at the Masonic last night, singer James Hetfield took a moment to give a shoutout to his brother sitting in the audience, and mentioned how their mom would’ve been proud of him and this event. “You put good out there, and good comes back to you,” said Hetfield. The… Keep Reading

SF Concert Reviews

Sting and Shaggy Bring Brit-Jamaican Collab to the Bay

When I first heard that Sting and Shaggy were coming to town, my initial reaction was “Shaggy’s opening for Sting?” It seemed like an odd pairing given that their music is so different and the two weren’t part of the same musical movements when they were coming up. Then shortly later when I learned that they’d… Keep Reading

White Reaper

Q&A: White Reaper

White Reaper is heading to the Masonic in San Francisco on Jan. 17, as a direct support for Spoon. They’ll be promoting the album The World’s Best American Band, which was produced by Kevin Ratterman (My Morning Jacket, Young Widows). About the title, guitarist/vocalist Tony Esposito said, “Because we are the best. Just like Muhammad Ali was the greatest, you gotta say… Keep Reading

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