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Original handwritten lyrics for the Beatles’ iconic song, “Lovely Rita,” Featured at the California International Antiquarian Book Fair

The anticipation was palpable as the California International Antiquarian Book Fair made its much-awaited return to San Francisco. With a press preview that drew enthusiasts and collectors alike, we were privileged to attend and immerse ourselves in a world of literary wonders. This three-day event, spanning the realms of time and geography, showcased an exquisite… Keep Reading

James McCartney - Photo Courtesy of Grandstand Media

Q&A: Paul McCartney’s Son, James

Unlike his notoriously chatty dad Paul, of Beatles fame, James McCartney is a man of few words. But really, can you blame him? If every other question that comes out of an interviewer’s mouth is about growing up with his legendary father — it’s gotta get old. Especially since James is an established musician in his own right. He’s… Keep Reading

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