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Meow Meow at the San Francisco Symphony

Q&A: Meow Meow

Singer Melissa Madden Gray, better known by her stage name Meow Meow, will join Pink Martini founder and pianist Thomas M. Lauderdale in a rare duo performance at the Davies Symphony Hall on Saturday, Jan. 27. The program will feature Meow Meow’s eclectic mix of music, dance, and comedy, with Lauderdale accompanying her on piano,… Keep Reading

Chris Thile
New Music

Artist Profile: Chris Thile

Chris Thile, of veteran group Nickel Creek, can be an enigma to the casual listener. His genre (that beautiful oddity known as progressive folk), his instrument (mandolin, but also, well, everything), and his day job (presenting the much-loved Prairie Home Companion) all conspire to suggest a man in his mid-50s. In fact, Thile is barely… Keep Reading

Davies Symphony Hall Music in SF
Music News

Classical Music Venues in San Francisco

The holidays are upon us once again and San Francisco offers up several can’t-miss Classical music events to celebrate the season. Whether you are looking for the elegant depth of a choral arrangement or if the symphony is more your style, there are plenty of Classical music events and venues to put you in a… Keep Reading

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