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Artist Profile: Anthony Gomes

With a deep reverence for historical blues music and a burning passion to give this enchanting genre a contemporary twist, Anthony Gomes has been winning listeners’ hearts since his debut album in 1998. Titled Blues in Technicolor, this collection boasts of some powerful songs recorded on the guitar, compelling and robust vocals, and a range of emotions… Keep Reading

Biscuits and Blues - Photo by Bobby Hindcliffe - Music in SF
Music News

SF Venue Highlight: Biscuits and Blues

Tucked away cozily in the heart of San Francisco’s theater district is Biscuits and Blues, a club that’s fittingly named after two of mankind’s greatest loves. From the outside, it looks like any old joint; on the inside, however, it’s a whole other story. On any given day, whimsical and warm neon lights cloak the… Keep Reading

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