Shattered Sun

Shattered Sun shatters San Francisco with their own brand of Metal

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Shattered Sun hit San Francisco Thursday night and they hit it hard. So hard that the metal heads in audience that evening must have mistaken it for a thunderous earthquake that the city is so infamous for. The Texas six-piece was making a statement to the Bay Area that the new class of Metal has arrived and that they’re not going away.

When you hear this band for the first time what really sets them apart from others of that genre is their lyrical content and musicality. In a time where it seems most heavy music is about negativity and angst, their lyrics empower its listeners with a message of hope and positivity, all topped off by heavy riffs and symphonic melodies. Some obvious influences include classics like Metallica and Queensryche, as well as more current bands like Unearth and Killswitch Engage, but they’ve really got their own sound and are unlike anything that’s currently out there.

The band is relatively new, having formed back in 2001 originally with guitarist Daniel Trejo, drummer Robert Garza and vocalist Marcos Leal, then later with the additions of bassist Joseph Guajardo, keyboardist Henry Garza, and guitarist Jessie Santos. The six-piece reflects the roots of their influences growing up in the down and dirty streets of Texas, piecing it all together into songs that have culminated into “Hope Within Hatred,” their debut album which was released back in April of 2015.

On this evening, the energy was high and the sheer authenticity of their performance was unavoidable. As vocalist Leal said in a press release, “We’re a band that thrives on our live shows,” said the lead singer. “We’ve never really been too theatrical, it’s more about the energy. We love to get the audience pumped up, get aggressive and in the crowd’s face.”

Leal definitely got in everyone’s face throughout the short set and commanded the type of respect that this band deserves, leaving the audience craving for more. It’s this strong work ethic ethic that has brought this band to where they are today from their humble beginnings. They’ve said in the past that the project is more than just a band putting out an album, going on tour, or signing to a label. To them it’s living proof that no matter whom you are, where you’re from, or what people tell you, you can overcome and turn dreams into reality.

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