Rod Stewart and Cyndi Lauper Are Still Havin’ Fun

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Sir Stewart was in fine spirits at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View last night, delighted to finally be reunited with Bay Area fans. “I think since the last time we saw each other, I’ve had another child,” he exclaimed in good humor. An impressive feat for this older gent who’s now well into his 60s, but not surprising considering that he can pretty much pull off anything better than most.

And that includes singing and performing on the big stage. The man with the million-dollar smile and glowing spiky blonde locks did it all last night. He sang, danced, and charmed members of his audience the way only a seasoned pro can, and turned a boring weeknight into a magical evening under the stars.

Rod Stewart performed with Cyndi Lauper at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Moutain View, Calif.

Megaclassics like “Forever Young,” “Maggie May,” and “Have I Told You,” were all played flawlessly by the British chap, who hasn’t lost his voice by the way. In fact, I’d venture to say that it’s aged to perfection. And while it’s true that his melody maker was the star of the show, it’s his charisma and stage presence that stole it.

Of course, credit also needs to go out to his all-star band, which held it down all night. Performing on a Rockability-themed set complete with checkered floors and colorful zoot suits, the big band ensemble consisted of a colorful assortment of backing vocalists, a piano, horn section, a harp and an unusual set up of three drummers (which made for an impressive drum solo midway into the set.)

But the highlight of the show had to his duet with Cindy Lauper on “It Takes Two.” After completing a full set on her own classics, Lauper (who looked amazing) came out to join her friend on stage. Their chemistry was unavoidable as they exchanged verses of the song that Stewart once made famous with Tina Turner. It was a touching moment to witness and one that will be hard to forget.

At 65 and 72, Lauper and Stewart have still got “it.” Both have done a fine job at preserving those precious pipes of theirs. Their catalog of songs is timeless. But really it’s the charisma that carries them two through their performances. Both charming in their own way, Stewart with his “Mr. Saturday Night” personality and Lauper with her lovable punk rock self, they’re so endearing that it makes this show a gem from start to finish.

Photos by Louis Raphael

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