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Music in SF® provides interviews with some of the biggest names in the live music scene in San Francisco, the Bay Area and Beyond. Music in SF® features interviews, Q&As and portraits with both Bay Area, San Francisco bands as well as National musical acts.

James McCartney - Photo Courtesy of Grandstand Media

Q&A: Paul McCartney’s Son, James

Unlike his notoriously chatty dad Paul, of Beatles fame, James McCartney is a man of few words. But really, can you blame him? If every other question that comes out of an interviewer’s mouth is about growing up with his legendary father — it’s gotta get old. Especially since James is an established musician in his own right. He’s… Keep Reading

Com Truise

Q&A: Com Truise

Com Truise is a spoonerism of the name Tom Cruise. What’s a spoonerism you ask? According to Webster’s, it’s a transposition of usually initial sounds of two or more words. For producer Seth Haley, it’s served as a persona that’s enabled him to make some of the most innovative music out there, transporting his listeners… Keep Reading

Bishop Briggs

Q&A: Bishop Briggs

Bishop Briggs, the UK singer, and songwriter whose track “River” has amassed over 24 million global streams and soared to #3 on the Alternative chart is currently prepping for her first major headlining North American tour. In anticipation of her July 20 stop at the legendary Fillmore in San Francisco, she was gracious enough to… Keep Reading

Vowws - Photo courtesy of Ray Gun Agency


Australian duo VOWWS, a band that has quickly emerged as a fixture in Sydney’s underground music scene, is generating some buzz over here in the U.S. with their own unique blend of industrial and electronic pop to post-punk and metal. The group, comprised of Matt and Rizz, recently released a single called “Heartbreaker” that Matt described as a “window… Keep Reading


Q&A: Lola Sparks

Lola Sparks is an English/German singer/songwriter and author based in Germany who’s currently launching a crowdfunding campaign to finance a viral marketing campaign and the shooting of her first music video. Check it out HERE. Moving to Berlin at the age of 18, she started having readings and quickly got discovered by her producer and co-writer… Keep Reading

Sofi Tukker - Coachella 2017
Coachella 2017/Q&As

Q&A: Sofi Tukker

It’s been a big year for the band Sofi Tukker. Since the release of their EP Soft Animals back in July of last year, The New York-based musical duo consisting of Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern have already enjoyed a Grammy nomination for Best Dance Recording and are riding high on the success of their single “Johny.”… Keep Reading

John Lydon - Photo by Paul Heartfield
Music News/Q&As

Q&A: John Lydon

Q&A courtesy of MSO PR In celebration of 40 years of songwriting across both the SEX PISTOLS and Public Image LTD (PiL) eras, John Lydon is delighted to announce the personal and truly exclusive publication of “Mr. Rotten’s Songbook.” Due out March 31, 2017 and limited to 1000 copies, the book is currently available to… Keep Reading

Eliot Sumner - Photo courtesy of Press Here Publicity

Q&A: Sting’s Daughter, Eliot Sumner

Being the son or daughter of a famous musician when you’re a musician yourself can be a bit of a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you’ll probably receive a lot more attention for your music than if you were some unknown soul playing in the local coffee shops, desperately trying to get your name… Keep Reading

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