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You released your debut album earlier this year to critical acclaim, earning ‘Best of 2018 So Far’ nods from multiple music outlets. What does that feel like?
Getting our songs out there with the debut felt like a milestone obviously, kind of like we just had this baby together. Releasing the album last January seems like a while ago now, since then we have been playing these songs around the world and that always feels special to us, critical acclaim comes second to how the songs are going down with the ‘bad bitches’ at a show.

What was it like touring with Garbage?
Touring with Garbage was an absolute honor. They were so supportive and Shirley Manson is a certified legend. We still can’t get over all the love. Garbage is a band that is just straight up iconic, they mean a lot to us, particularly the way Shirley addresses issues of mental health, feminism, and general full throttle girl power on stage was totally inspiring.

How’d you first come together to play music?
Bella and I met at the Mid Somerset Battle of the Bands in southwest England when we were 16, both of us later moving to Brighton to study art, where we met Rakel who was living with Bella at the time. Rakel and Bella were at a club on a ‘sober night out’ and decided they wanted to visit Canada, but needed a reason. I got a Facebook message the next day from Bella asking if I wanted to start a band with them and tour Canada. I think I replied something like ‘this is my ultimate fantasy.’

We wrote four songs, played a show in our university gallery and then headed out on a month-long tour of Canada, sleeping on friends sofas and breaking into pools. We couldn’t stop.

What’s the meaning behind the name of the band?
DREAM WIFE is about flipping the script on any idea of a woman as a commodity, as being somehow part of a package deal, a thing that is owned: since forming this band we have been on this journey together, figuring stuff out on our terms, in a sense we are each other’s wives. That feels like a powerful unity and the name has definitely reflected that for us the longer we have been in this band.

Dream Wife is about solidarity; but also it’s cheeky, it’s about having fun and channeling negativity into positivity, together. It’s about empowerment, it’s about being unapologetic.

What do you think being signed to label brings an artist as opposed to remaining independent?
We are signed to the London based Indie Label Lucky Number, who have been so supportive of us and our vision from day one. We definitely feel in control and encouraged by the label, we are able to stay involved in art direction and be hands-on with writing while being able to operate at this new level we were never able to before when it was just us three girls going out on international DIY tours. We have an amazing touring team too, it means we can play shows to new people and get the music out there more than ever and that’s always exciting for us.

You’re currently on tour. Do you have any fun road stories to share?
We have been touring a lot this year. It always feels like an adventure. We got to play with some of our favorite bands this year like Sleigh Bells, The Kills, Garbage and The Cribs, that has been an honour and super fun.

We’re looking forward to having you come to San Francisco. What thoughts come to mind when you think of our city?
We are really excited to come out to San Francisco, we can’t wait to bring our music and message your way! We remember it very fondly.

Dream Wife w/ Russo, BTCHKRFT play the Cafe du Nord Oct. 9 // ALL AGES

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