Jack White Releases New Single

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According to a press release that went out today, Jack White has released a new song from Jack White’s Acoustic Recordings 1998-2016. The track, a never-before-heard and previously unreleased acoustic mix of the Raconteurs’ “Carolina Drama,” is available now.
Journalist Greil Marcus writes about “Carolina Drama” in the album’s exclusive liner notes: “There’s a counterpoint in the sweeping ‘Carolina Drama,’ from the Raconteurs’ 2008 album Consolers of the Lonely, here with the original drum track dropped, so that the uncanny sensation that can make a traditional old-time murder ballad come across as a ghost story stands out. With guitar that sneaks in through banjo and fiddle from the Rolling Stones’ ‘Sister Morphine,’ this is a frighteningly present-day murder ballad, with a shaggy dog punchline-and so musically in tune with the tradition it claims and affirms you don’t need to listen to the words to follow the story, which gets bigger, bigger, voices joining from all across the horizon of the song, White’s vocal speeding up as if to keep up with the haunts that are already disappearing around the bend of the tune, into a world you’d just as soon not enter.”
Jack White’s Acoustic Recordings 1998-2016 will be released on September 9th, the very same day that White will appear on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to perform solo acoustic on TV for the first time ever.
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