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San Francisco’s music and clubbing scene is anything but ordinary. North Beach district’s club Monroe, in particular, has always had a flair for adding an interesting spin to ordinary, everyday clubbing ideas. Right from the ‘decade-themed’ music that begins with tracks from the 70s at 6 each evening, and jumps up a decade each hour, to the vintage décor that bleeds 1920s nostalgia and the spacious dance floor with enough headroom for crazy ideas and beautiful nights out, the club blends together the best of both worlds.

This weekend, Monroe is all set to curate another novel and unforgettable experience for clubgoers in the city – quiet clubbing. this is a party that does away with blaring music and beats that leave your ears ringing. Instead, your indispensable gear for the night includes a pair of wireless headphones (that you can collect at the entrance). They come with adjustable volume controls, and even better – they glow in the dark.

With not just one but three DJs to liven up your night, the event is specially put together for folks who like to switch between different genres of party music. The headphones sport LED lights in three different colors, one for each DJ. You get to enjoy the top 40 EDM tracks from one of the DJs (that’s indicated by a green light on the headphones), the best numbers from the 80s, 90s, and 2Ks from the second DJ (represented by a red LED), and hip hop and R&B from a third DJ (as suggested by a blue light).

Quiet clubbing is about the crowd you’re with, and the crowd you don’t know yet; it’s about choosing your experience without being alone; it’s about holding down boundaries and seeing something new.

And judging by the lights on your fellow clubbers’ headphones, you could even team up and dance along with people hearing the same tracks as you are. So, what happens if someone you know (or would like to know) catches your eye? All you’ve got to do is lower the volume on your headphones or take them off to kickstart the conversation; there’ll be no deafening music that you’ll have to talk over. You can cut loose then connect without the hassle of leaving the venue just to get to know someone.

With your gear off, the experience is dreamlike, and almost surreal, because you see a group of people moving to music only they can hear. And once you put your headphones back on, it’s like a regular nightclub again. Disconnecting and connecting at the same time; being awake and dreamy all at once, and sharing the experience with hundreds of others. It’s a place to be yourself with everyone else; to enjoy our differences and share our enjoyment; to come together with everything that makes us special; and to remind ourselves that everyone’s cool, and everyone’s a goofball. Everyone can dance.

The event is at Monroe this Saturday, 15th of July, and is set to happen uninterrupted, rain or shine. Make something happen!

Photo courtesy of Quiet Events Inc.

An avid drummer whose discography includes albums on Digital Nations (a Steve Vai imprint), music critic Louis Raphael has always kept a pulse on the San Francisco music scene. After many years as the San Francisco Music Examiner for and, he decided to start Music in SF® as a way to showcase what the San Francisco music scene really has to offer.

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