Fans Flock to the Regency Ballroom for The Band Camino

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If I had to describe The Band Camino’s sound to someone who’s never heard it, I’d have to defer to what I read online somewhere recently about them. “They’re too pop to be rock, yet too rock to be pop.” A straight-forward description but one that is accurate. Yet it’s that perfectly balanced pop/rock sound that attracted a sold out crowd to the Regency Ballroom last night, for a concert filled with infectious tunes, addictive drum beats, and a visually impressive light show.

They kicked off their set with the band’s latest single “Know It All.” A song whose emphatic crescendo had just about everyone singing along to it. “Roses” followed soon after, which had all the lovely ladies (and gents) in the audience swooning over what many were calling their favorite band. Chants of “Oh, my god, ‘I love you!'” could be heard echoing throughout the entire performance and at every corner of the venue.

By the end of the night, the set that was comprised of a whopping 20 songs came to an end with some of the group’s heaviest hitters. “1 Last Cigarette” and “Daphne Blue”, two huge singles for the band closed the performance. A deafening round of endless applause and high-pitched shrieks lead the way shortly after to the boys bidding farewell to their most loyal followers. The night forever ingrained in the minds of San Francisco Band Camino enthusiasts.

Photos by Louis Raphael

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