Dorothy Channels Grace Slick at the Independent in San Francisco (Review)

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Here’s a word of advice for anyone holding a ticket for any of the Dorothy shows happening in the coming weeks. Don’t start a mosh pit. This was a hard lesson for the young man at the Independent last night in San Francisco, one that got him kicked out of the local San Francisco venue only halfway into the set.

Dorothy wasn’t having it. Her shows are about having a good time and loving each other, not violence. So if you’re planning on getting too rowdy, think again. But honestly, who could blame anyone for losing control last night? By the time the band kicked into “Raise Hell,” they’d been playing so well their brand of high-energy rock n’ roll that the crowd was ready to do just that.

For those of your not familiar with Dorothy, the band fronted by the gorgeous Dorothy Martin, has been making some waves on the rock charts in a relatively short amount of time. Having formed only four years ago, the boys and gal that call Los Angeles home are well on their way to being the band that brings back a classic rock sound that’s been lost for too long now.


And with the iconic rock tone and stage presence of their lead singer Dorothy, the band feels unstoppable. Reminiscent at times of Grace Slick or maybe Ann Wilson, she is captivating not only for her raw talent as a vocalist, but also thanks to her sass and comedic anecdotes that make a Dorothy show entertaining from start to finish.

Last night at the Independent, even though it was freezing cold outside, inside it was sweltering hot, sweaty and full. Very full. Which is surprising for San Francisco since many have deemed the one time very fruitful rock scene, pretty much dead.

And so as the show progressed and the band performed their hits like “Raise Hell,” Down to the Bottom,” “Dark Nights” and their latest and impressive single “Flawless,” it felt like a breath of fresh air to see them receive such an impressive audience response. One that must have given hope to all the local rock fans in attendance who’ve patiently waited for some type of revival from a genre that used to rule their city. Dorothy has the potential to be that band by honoring their classic rock roots, which is something that hopefully doesn’t get lost along the way. Aren’t we due for some kind of a rock revival already?

Photos by Louis Raphael

Set List

White Butterfly
Who Do You Love
After Midnight
Naked Eye
Raise Hell
Pretty When You’re High
Wicked Ones
Gun In My Hand
Down to the Bottom

Dark Nights
Whiskey Fever

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