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    Dorothy at the Bottom of the Hill - January 13, 2017
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    Dorothy at the Bottom of the Hill - January 13, 2017
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SF Concert Reviews: Dorothy Kills It at the Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco

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Well, it looks like Rock n’ Roll isn’t really dead after all. Or at least it’s showing some signs of life. And interestingly enough, it’s the ladies that are making it happen, and they’re making it happen in a BIG way. With bands like Halestorm, The Pretty Reckless and now Dorothy, it’s the women that are rocking harder than the men these days, pushing forward a genre that is surely missed, one hip-shake, raspy-snarl and sexy-swagger at a time.

Dorothy is an American rock band founded in Los Angeles, CA, a town most famous for its hard rock sunset strip day. So it’s really no wonder that a band like this would come out of there. The group is comprised of vocalist Dorothy Martin (a classic beauty with the pipes of Robert plant), drummer Dylan Howard, guitarist DJ Black and bassist Gregg Cash. They released their first project, a self-titled EP, back in 2014 with a full-length LP entitled “ROCKISDEAD” in 2016. Ever since they’ve been receiving numerous accolades, at the top of the list has got to be Rolling Stone calling them “a [band] you need to know,” and naming them #14 on their 50 Best New Artists of 2014 list.

Last night’s performance solidified their growing stature and was reminiscent of old Zeppelin mixed with a little Heart and topped of by some heavy-ass Sabbath riffs. This band is the real deal so it came as no surprise when I walked into the Bottom of the Hill that it was completely sold out. And by sold out I mean the place was packed. It was sweaty, alcohol-infused but most of all buzzing with positive energy. A surprising revelation from a town mostly known for its hipster/songwriter type of events.

It’s seeing bands like these that are making me realize that Rock n’ Roll is slowly creeping its way back into the social consciousness. I’ve always said that music is cyclical, so it’s not surprising at all to witness a band like Dorothy making such a powerful impact on the industry. It’s just a matter of time before they graduate from the small stages of local clubs to the arenas where so many legendary Rock n’ Roll stars have stood before them.

Set List
Kiss It
Dark Nights
Wicked Ones
After Midnight
Raise Hell
Whiskey Fever
Bang Bang Bang

An avid drummer whose discography includes albums on Digital Nations (a Steve Vai imprint), music critic Louis Raphael has always kept a pulse on the San Francisco music scene. After many years as the San Francisco Music Examiner for Examiner.com and AXS.com, he decided to start Music in SF® as a way to showcase what the San Francisco music scene really has to offer.

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