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SF Concert Reviews

An Intimate Evening with Lera Lynn at the Sweetwater

Nashville singer-songwriter Lera Lynn brought her brand of femme noir to Sweetwater Music Hall Tuesday night. Dressed in vintage and bathed in blue light, her performance in the sleepy Marin County town invoked scenes from a David Lynch film. Lynn’s goosebump-inducing vocals and sultry guitar licks hint at country and rockabilly roots and have all… Keep Reading


Q&A: Wild Child

We caught up with Wild Child’s Alexander Beggins as he geared up for a West Coast tour that will cruise by The Independent Jan. 27.  The cofounder and sometimes frontman of the shapeshifting Austin ensemble – currently at seven members – reflects on their growth as a band and reserves the right to keep changing… Keep Reading


Q&A: Pearl

This interview took place prior to Pearl’s show at the Warfield in San Francisco on 8/4/18. In a cramped, basement dressing room, Pearl puts the finishing touches on her makeup and makes time to video chat her family before taking the stage. Revel Young, her buoyant son with husband Scott Ian is on tour with… Keep Reading

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